Things you should know about Search Engine Placement

For every query submitted to search engines, it has got thousands of matching results. Only ten results get to stay on the first page. Anyone having a rank beyond that is going to missing most of the search engine traffic. Every webmaster wants to have his website a top page rank. You will be closer to your search engine placement goals with these tips:
1. Have a target keyword: The search query that people use to find a relevant website on search engines is your keyword. Such keywords can vary for different pages of your website. Make sure that chosen keyword is at least two words long. If your website is about web development services, ‘web development’ is your keyword. Keyword with just one word is not advisable because several other websites will be relevant for a word like ‘web’.
2. Keyword Positioning: Your target keyword should be evenly spread out through the length of the page. Having keywords in title and H1 tags is a must. Crawlers will be using this information when they examine your pages. Just the way newspapers do, choose a small group of effective keywords and make people read your content. If you have been using html tables extensively, think again. You may need to change the position of keywords on your page.
3. Relevant keywords are important: You have your target keywords in the title and header tags. Now you have to make the content relevant to those keywords. Don’t use spamming techniques to hide html text containing keywords on your page. You can go on expanding your keywords naturally. If your website was about ‘website development’, you can also have content on related terms such as ‘website design’, ’website graphics’ etc.
4. Lose the old: Search engines may not read your pages if there are image maps or frames. In such cases, search engine cannot index deeper pages of your websites linked through an image map. Hyperlinks are always good for search engine placement.

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