SEO Link Building for Beginners

Link building is one of the first tasks in search engine optimization (SEO). An active persuasion is required on your behalf to make these inbound links valuable. If you are not careful, your link building exercise can be suspected by Google. The search engine will assume that the inbound links have been created to enhance the page rank. Entire link building efforts can go waste. Beginners are often known to believe in a false fact that any inbound link is great. If the page is devoid of any content, there is no sense in having an inbound link there. As a beginner in the field of search engine optimization, you can stick to a few guidelines.
Back links from websites already having tons of links are not no good. Forums, for example, have hundreds of links on a single page. The value of your link on such a web page is very low. As a rule, value of link is proportional to the number of links on a page. First of all, you need to have a relevant niche for your content and website. If you believe that you are going to target each and everything in weight loss category on search engines, you are seriously mistaken. Quality inbound links are those from the top ranking websites. Search for related websites on the niche and choose the ones topping search results. It’s important that you have quality content ready on your website when a visitor clicks on an inbound link. If you spend some time researching related websites, you will find your competitors placing links on them. You have to do exactly the same. Don’t be in a hurry to reciprocate a link. Some websites have bad back link profile and you should avoid linking back to them. Remember that ‘who you link to’ is as important as ‘where you get links from’.

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