Preparing a Search Engine Ranking Report

Without a SERP tool, a search engine practice is incomplete. This tool is used to find the rank of a page. Through the length of this article, you will learn how to use this tool properly. First of all you need to find the most relevant keywords for your website. Use Google keyword discovery tool to get it done. It’s important to learn about the keywords that users are using as search queries.
Enter the name of your website and specific words that are in accordance with the keywords that you want for your website. Now click on ‘Find Keywords’ button on the page. Results will be displayed instantly. Closely examine the page that lists the keywords ordered in descending order of searches over a month. You can gauge the amount of competition for a keyword by looking at the number of searches. The results page will also display a link to the web page which was the best match for given keyword. Prepare a list of most famous keywords and note the website ranks.
There are plenty of SERP tools out there. Choose the one that fits your pockets and appears to be a solution to your needs. The keyword list and website names will be your input the next step. Separate multiple keywords from the list by a comma or line break. Now click on the ‘create report’ button and wait for the results. The report can help you analyze your ranks for particular keywords as search queries. You are also provided with the actual search results. Offered in the form of tabular data, this report can help you a great deal to analyze your weaknesses and strengths. See if the SERP tool is providing credible information. A SERP tool has to be quick and instant in resultant report generation.

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