Learning Search Engine Optimization

People find it hard to understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). They think that it’s enough to have great ideas and design. Unfortunately such things are not considered by the search engines. If you don’t have a good search engine page rank, people will never come to see your wonderful design. Once you choose a topic, stick to it. You should choose a topic that you are good at. This topic is your niche. Learn to do keyword research using keyword tools or by simply searching for a keyword on search engines. You should keep all the titles and header tags related to the niche keyword.
It’s better to host your website at your own domain. You cannot have great results with freely hosted websites. There will be no effect on the search engine rankings but your website will appear more credible to the visitors. Create lots of pages related to your niche keyword. Keep a strong focus on the keyword that defines your business. Your website may need to wait for a while just because it is new to search engines.
Create a good mix of content focused on search engine optimization and readership. Excess keyword centric articles can hurt the utility of your website. Create useful content around the keyword. Write interesting articles that people like to share. With time you can build back links to your website. If you have participated in discussions on blogs, communities and forums, you have an edge. You can derive lots of traffic from these websites. Keep an eye on the quality of the link that you are creating.
Stay close to the websites having a similar niche. Observe the strategies of your competitors and keep an eye on their page rank. Check their back links by using a free online tool and learn about the websites linking to them.

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