How to build a search engine friendly website

If you are considering a website or your site is optimized and still there is not much traffic on the site it simply means that your site is not search engine friendly. It is very important to avoid stumbling blocks and walls in your site. Make sure that you attune your site to meet certain conditions which are deemed extremely necessary for you to establish a harmony with a search engine. It really will not matter then what your page rank is because it is a quantitative analysis. Sometimes a lot of clutter makes it difficult for you to really focus on the message that you are trying to send across. If your site has too many outbound links for instance it will greatly affect traffic and will lower your placement on search engines.
There are also chances that your site will be blacklisted because of overflowing and unnecessary links. Make sure that you use relevant Meta tags and avoid using buttons for navigator purposes. Spiders and web crawlers ignore buttons when they crawl a site. Encourage blog activity on your website. This will enable you to create outbound links as you also participate naturally. Maintain some things that should help you move forward with customers. Attracting bloggers can also do wonders to your placement on search engines. But make sure that the links are well placed within your site also. The use of flash is also to be made with discretion. Make sure that you divide the frames to leave some space for text and anchor text for crawlers to identify your site. Navigation wise your anchor text should always come first. It is not a bad thing if your links and sitemaps appear after. Remember that you also need to focus on crawlers and spiders and understand that they are programs after all.

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