Organic SEO Myths

Every year there are new myths about search engine optimization and they travel through various blogs and articles without being cross checked. People just start talking about all that they hear and see. Only if you start cross examining the SEO facts, you will know that many among them are myths. Suppose that you make a few changes in your website. If your site ranking drops in a few days, you start believing that this dip in search engine ranking was because of those changes in the site. There are so many changes that could have taken place. Search engine optimization is not dependent on your site content alone. So you write a great article about a discovery which was not yet complete. Few other bloggers start writing about this discovery because they have a new topic. Slowly the technique is added to the list of methods used for search engine optimization. Here is a list of such myths:
1. It’s important to submit your URLs to search engines: It could have been great at a time but now its old fashioned and ineffective.
2. Use a Google site map to improve rankings: Google sitemap is not going to improve your ranking. Your site is very well indexed by the bots if it has a reasonable design. Apart from indexing, a site map has no other role to perform in search engine optimization.
3. Frequent updates help you get better ranks: This is one of the popular myths about SEO. Regular site updates can increase the crawl rate to your website but it will not affect your site rank.
4. You should learn the Google guidelines to save yourself form a ban: There are no guidelines that you don’t know already. Everything is perfect common sense. Don’t be afraid of guidelines but be careful of using unethical tactics. It’s understandable that a search engine is capable of detecting all that.

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