Optimizing Content for Search Engines

There are many good writers and small scale businesses that do not make a good income online. There are multiple reasons for this. However, if you learn to optimize the content on your web pages, your chances of earning money online will increase manifold. Having a good page rank on Google helps you to get tons of visitors. You will have to hire an SEO expert. The money spent on the search engine optimization will appear negligible when your sales soar up.
There are several methods to get a good page rank. You have to apply more than one method in unison. Optimizing content is most important of SEO methods. Most of the search engines of the day are using two main methods to rank web pages. These methods are keyword density and Latent Semantic Indexing. It’s in your best interests to optimize content on your website for both of these methods.
Choose a niche keyword for your website. This keyword should be present in the title, first and last paragraphs, and throughout the body of content. The distribution of keywords should appear as natural as possible. However, there should be certain minimum number of target keywords on the page.
Make sure the keyword density in the content is not more than five percent. You can also compare two or more pages of website to learn about the maximum number keywords that work for you. If you feel a keyword shortage in the article, replace general nouns and pronouns with keywords. You can replace ‘it’, ‘she’ and ‘these’ to have higher keyword density on your page. LSI makes it possible to provide relevant results by associating words. You can have multiple sub topics that are not having your niche keyword as such. Create persuasive content and avoid unnecessary phrases.

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