Building a Linkwheel for Search Engine Optimization

Linkwheel is a technique which is quite effective for search engine optimization. However, not many people are using it. Most of the people overlook linkwheel method of link building and miss out on lots of good quality inbound links. All you need is a set of articles on the niche specific keyword. Then you publish these articles on various web 2.0 websites. These sites are connected to each other and also to the main website where you make an actual sale.
Usually you can use any website for building a linkwheel with interconnected links. However, it is advisable to use websites that have high page ranks. Most of the people using linkwheel technique are using Wordpress, Squidoo, Blogger, LiveJournal etc. Some people are confused about the type of content they should publish on these websites. Do not write articles unrelated to your niche keyword set. Simple articles or blog posts should appear genuine and present authority on the topic.
Most people write one original article and rewrite it several times to submit them on multiple linkwheel websites. It’s alright if you don’t have much time to write all original articles. Create a chain of links by linking a web 2.0 article to your website and also to one article on another web2.0 website.
Once you build up the linkwheel you have to spend some time in promoting it. Submit all links to social book marking websites and RSS directories. You can create inbound links to your linkwheel web pages whenever you have an opportunity to do so. If you have created enough content on linkwheel websites, you can refer to these pages in forums and discussions. Popularity of linkwheel pages will drive more traffic to your website. Use other link building methods to increase the impact of a linkwheel. Be a little creative and use more than one link building method in unison. Your ultimate goal remains the same – top search engine page rank.

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