Keyword Usage for Better Search Engine Optimization

Keywords are important because your web pages will not be indexed by humans. An algorithm will simply overlook your page for a search query if there are not enough keywords present on your web pages. Make a wise selection when it comes to domain name. Your domain name should represent your keywords if it’s not long tailed. Your keyword has to be friendly for humans as well as search engines.
Your keywords should be placed evenly through the content body on your web pages. Title tags and descriptions are important. If your website is based on Wordpress platform, you will find it much easier to enter description and title by using search engine optimization specific plugins. This data is visible to the humans as well as to the search engines. A poor description can keep majority of audience away even if you fare well on search engine results page. You can make changes easily if you know some html. However, you can go on editing the title and description if you just know what a source file is. Last resort is to ask your web developer to use a compressed keyword set on all your pages. It is advisable that you learn to do it yourself.
Do not underestimate meta tags. Data in meta tags is not visible to users but spiders store this data for search engine ranking. These tags are known to be more important for search engines other than Google. Apart from Meta tag, your alt tags should not be empty whenever you put up an image on a web page. Tagged data is search engines’ guide to understand your web page. Lose no opportunity to make it appear relevant for a search query that you want to monetize on. H1 tag is most important of all H tags. Consider putting up keywords in these tags too. Be careful not to add excess keywords that decrease the utility of web page to a user.

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