Link Building through Directory Submissions

Search engines are going to count every inbound link to your website. With serious efforts, you can promote your website really well by link building. Hiring a SEO professional is easiest but you can also do it at your own. Your link building efforts have to be continuous and long term. Directory submissions are a popular way to do so.
Choose the right directory: From directories where you have to pay a few bucks for membership, you will also find others which are free and specific to a particular niche. It’s entirely your choice to choose any of them but remember to base your selection on relevancy and quality of inbound links from the directory. The directory site should have a good Google Page Rank itself. Search well and find out the directories that are well established.
Pay attention to title tags: Your title tags are small indications of the contents of page. Search engines will consider these tags for evaluating the link. If your tag is misleading in nature, you will have worst results. Read some FAQs on directory website to learn about keyword usage.
Descriptions are important: You can have more information about your website in description tag. You will have to do with default descriptions at some directories. These default descriptions are given based on the category that you choose. If you are going to make multiple directory submissions, make sure all the descriptions are unique. Duplication will do no good to your website promotion goals.
Number of Directories: You free to choose this number. Make a habit to make some directory submissions now and then. You have to be consistent in this process. It will be of no use to make a dozen directory submissions now and then forgetting about it for rest of the month.

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