Things to consider about directory submissions

Directory submissions are among the best ways to go about building links for a webpage. There are a large number of directories that cater to specific and general niches. There are also directories that offer premium paid services, apart from that there are many directories that are specific to a particular location. Some things should be considered when choosing a directory; for instance your should always look at the page ranking of the directory.
If a directory has a low page rank in itself then it is advisable to look for alternatives. A directory with a high page rank will ensure good quality traffic and will make sure that your site starts off from a high value of linked websites. While most good directories make submissions through humans, some are automated. The latter can prove to be a disadvantage in some ways as an automated program may not add a human touch which is most important for a directory as it is ultimately targeted to human readers who will read the articles. Automated directories may fetch you a good rank and may even figure high on search engine placements but the quality of articles will suffer in many ways which will be a hindrance to good marketing strategy.
When choosing a directory, make sure that you choose one that is suited to your financial needs. Sometimes an expensive paid service may not be as fruitful as a free one and sometimes a paid service will prove to be beneficial. Remember that you have to choose directories keeping in mind your needs and not the needs or the requirements of the directory. If you are writing articles to be submitted into an article directory make sure that your content is rich in keywords and the content is of good quality.

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