Things You Should Know About Choosing Keywords

Keywords are the words that you want to have an authority on. If you rank well for a keyword, most of the traffic from search engines will come to your doorstep. Although keyword appears to be a single word, it’s usually a combination of more than word. Targeting a single word is a mistake that you should avoid. It’s not wise to choose keywords that are common and present on several websites. Not all of the traffic on your website comes through the chosen keywords.
If you have a great website with lots of interesting content on it, you will get traffic from lots of search queries that you never considered. Your keyword should be a market niche. There is no point in choosing keywords which are highly competitive. It is hard to win against old established websites that have strong presence among web users. Better choose long tailed keywords that you can optimize. Do not use terms that are too board for a user. Also consider the conversion rate. If you are getting thousands of visitors through SEO but little sales, you should look at keywords you are optimizing. Quality of hits is also important if your sales are low despite a good page rank. You will need to revise your keywords in that case.
Choose target keywords that your customers can use as a search query. Combination of keywords should be specific. Too specific keywords are of no use because nobody is going to use it as a search query. Popular terms should be avoided. There is no use banging your against thousands of other bloggers who have been targeting the popular keyword. Bottom line is that the keyword should be highly relevant to what you sell and popular enough so that you have enough traffic to your website.

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