Article writing for proven Link Building

For website promotion, article writing has proved to be an excellent method. Link building requires sufficient time and effort on your part. Search engines are no longer placing your website in the top ladder for having lots of links on websites. Not all links count for search engine optimization today. Among all techniques used for link building, article writing is highly relevant. Link building through high quality content also helps in driving traffic to your website. Your goal is to have prospective customers on your website. When you write articles relevant to your niche, your search engine ranking goes up and lots of people visit your website, looking for product information or good quality content.
Don’t just publish any article on the web. You have to follow certain guidelines to get the twofold benefit from article writing. Article topic has to be relevant to your own niche and the website where you want to publish it. Unless the editors of concerned website are interested in your article, they are not going to publish it. Be a little more creative. Select titles which draw attention. If you want quality links from a high PR website, you have to write a high quality article for them. The editors of website may turn to look back at your website in some cases. If your website is having content, make sure you have your best work on the top.
Plagiarism is a serious offense and submission of a duplicate article to a website will lead to permanent rejection. No one can create anything new completely on his own. You are free to choose the finest ideas from web. However, the piece of writing that you want to circulate has to be entirely yours. Divide the articles into segments and give interesting sub headings. Once your articles are out there, you have to be persuasive enough to make them read it.

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